In addition to these great featured resources, the Welcoming America Resource Library has great resources to prepare you for Certified Welcoming.

Welcoming Standard

The Welcoming Standard is the backbone to Certified Welcoming and outlines the smart local policies, programs, and partnerships essential to creating an inclusive and welcoming community.

Webinar: The Welcoming Standard: Understanding the Framework

The Welcoming Standard provides a comprehensive roadmap for places building more cohesive and equitable communities and fostering connections between newer immigrants and long-time residents. It also sets benchmarks that community organizations, residents, and others can use to hold welcoming places accountable and inspire continued innovation.

This webinar provides a comprehensive review of the Welcoming Standard and offers insight of how you can apply the Welcoming Standard to your local community.

Featured speakers include Erica DeLeon, Director of One Siouxland and Liz Cedillo-Pereira Director of Welcoming Communities & Immigrant Affairs in Dallas.

Webinar: Certified Welcoming: From Process to Outcomes

Certified Welcoming is an innovative program that assesses city and county governments on their efforts to include and welcome immigrants. This webinar reviews the certification process and explores outcomes. Ze Xiao (Salt Lake County, Utah), Bryan Warren (Louisville Metro, Kentucky), and Matt Joseph (Dayton, Ohio) share their insights about how the certification process has influenced their work and communities.

Resources for Certified Welcoming Communities

Although the information below is for places in the process of becoming Certified or are already Certified Welcoming, the information may be valuable to those who are also interested in learning more about certification.

Appeal Form

Audit Action Plan

Branding Guidelines

Complaint Form

Standard Operating Procedure